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We know that new members are the most vulnerable when it comes to renewals. To retain them, chambers must give extra attention throughout their first year. But, with limited time, how can you manage this effectively? That’s where Momentum AI comes in.


Momentum AI is an innovative platform designed to:

  • Provide immediate and impressive value to new members
  • Equip members with a strategic plan for their first year
  • Collect and analyze data to enhance personalized interactions and general services

How It Works

  1. Personalized URL: When your chamber subscribes, we create a custom URL (e.g., cityvillechamber.momentumformembers.ai).
  2. Member Information: New members fill out a branded form, sharing key details about their business.
  3. AI Processing: Our proprietary algorithm, built on ChatGPT-4o, processes this information, referencing both the “Momentum way of doing business” and your chamber’s personalized database.
  4. Customized Strategy: The result is a tailored first-year strategy, leveraging both Momentum’s expertise and your chamber’s resources and events.

Integrating MOMENTUM AI into Your Operations

Momentum AI is a powerful tool for:

  • Recruitment: Use it to attract new members with a promise of immediate value.
  • Member Relations: Enhance interactions with your newest members, helping them see the value of their membership.
  • Renewal Processes: Support renewal efforts by ensuring new members are fully engaged and satisfied.
  • On-Going Value: Momentum AI isn’t just for new members – even use our AI algorithm to keep long-time members engaged.

Comprehensive Training

We understand that technology can be intimidating. That’s why we provide extensive training and support:

  • Short Video Overview: Explains the purpose and benefits of the platform.
  • How-To Tips: Embedded directly on the form page for ease of use.
  • Helpdesk Support: Available for any questions or issues.

Additionally, we offer guidance to help chambers set up and maintain their database for optimal AI interaction.

Supporting Your Chamber – Promotion

Momentum will supply all necessary promotional materials, including:

  • General Promotion: Talking points, flyers, email, website copy, press release and social media content.
  • Sales/Membership Team Support: Resources to help your team present the platform effectively.
  • Member Participation Encouragement: Tools to motivate new members to engage with the service.

Privacy and Data Security

We prioritize your members’ privacy and data security. Here’s how we handle data:

  • Usage: Data is shared with the chamber to enhance member experiences and with Momentum, in aggregate, to improve the platform.
  • Security: Members are advised to avoid sharing sensitive information to ensure their privacy.

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Momentum AI is here to help you provide unparalleled value to your members, ensuring they see the true benefits of their chamber membership from day one. Join us in revolutionizing member engagement with the power of AI.

Want to get started? Have questions? Contact us or set up a 15-minute Zoom appointment. Let us show you how AI will help your members better understand your value, let you have a stronger conversation with them, and lead more of them to renewal.

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